How I Spent My Winter Break

Watchin’ lots of movies:

Up In The Air

Away We Go

Away We Go

Youth In Revolt

Sherlock Holmes

Takin’ pics (with the help of my dear friend TOM!):

Findin’ new tunes:

“When You Love Somebody” -Fruit Bats

“Under My Skin” -Jukebox The Ghost

“All My Days” -Alexi Murdoch

“German Love” -Starfucker

Enjoyin’/toleratin’ the frigid weather:

Photo Credit– Ache , Please Pass the Popcorn


A Hodgepodge of Goodness

1.) Jennifer Garner reciting the Red Sox starting line-up (and looking amazing) on Jay Leno.

2.) Boston-based sensation Passion Pit. (Personal favorite songs: “the Reeling” and “Sleepyhead” )


3.) Foliage!


4.) Michael Cera